"you came to see the mobscene, I know this isn't your scene."

(various sources, the corset and necklace are from Etsy)

In the spirit of Halloween.


Off Topic:An Article I Did on Fashion Blogging


I was inspired to write a piece on fashion blogging and the way it's changing the fashion industry; just in case

you girls didn't already know how inspiring you are. I mentioned one blogger that's very influential to a lot of

upcoming and seasoned bloggers. The article as a whole gives kudos and praise to what you ladies are doing

as a whole and how it's positively changing the rules of the fashion world. So in case no one has told you


Featured on AC: Fashion Bloggers and Their Sidewalk Runways


Reader Request

I got an email asking for a large but girly back tattoo inspiration. She said she wanted something kind of unique, but not too out there. With the boundaries set, I looked in my collection and this one just seemed perfect.

Hope you like.