This could be the work of a sharpie.
It's up for debate.
I applaud her for her humor and creativity.


Parallel Hell

Maybe we'll be together in a parallel universe.


Singer Cassie has a script tattoo that reads "amour" behind her ear.
I'm extremely fond of the location.


Blogger Ink

One of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit , has a very cute and chic heart on her wrist.
This tattoo is perfect for Vanessa because it doesn't take the focus off of her stellar fashion sense.
Instead it compliments her style like any other accessory she wears.

PHOTO: (TheHautePursuit)

Dream Catcher

Dreamcatchers are beautiful, no?
I rarely have bad dreams, but if I did I would love having one of these babies above my bed.
A tattoo of a dream catcher never dawned on me until I was scribbling on my hand in a lecture.
What revealed itself to me looked vaguely like a dreamcatcher - I say vaguely because my 'drawing' is very pretentious.
It wants to be what I see in my head, but it can never quite make the cut. It thinks it's good though, oddly.


Don't Be Koi

I've always been fascinated by koi fish tattoos.
I have two albums dedicated solely to this particular type of tattoo.
They've gotten a bad rep for being an overdone, cheesy tattoo that one gets when trying
to be exotic. (Much like foreign symbols). When done by the right artist I believe koi tattoos are stunning
to look at.

Meaning: Luck and Strength. 

If you're a bird

Double Crossed

Retrograde Planets